You are feeling scared, or your emotions are out of control. You seem to get panic attacks when exposed to certain circumstances that remind you of your accident. Your friends think you are crazy for not being over it already. You keep getting into arguments with others who believe you are overreacting. Those weird and frightening feelings seem to come up out of nowhere without any apparent reason.

Accident counseling

If these or other situations sound familiar and keep bothering you, rest assured, I have been there and get it.

Having been involved in an accident is often connected with feelings of helplessness, shock and fear. While some individuals are able to leave the scary moment behind them rather easily, others are often plagued by intrusive flashbacks and other uncomfortable sensations. Some reasons that causes various people to keep re-experiencing the accident are if the severity of what happened was very intense, a person felt like there was a high risk of loosing his/her life or a beloved ones life, or an actual death happened, a genetical predisposition, not enough support after the accident, various accidents that happened to a person, a certain trauma history and many more. Don't suffer alone!

Allow me to support you in your journey towards healing by providing counseling that systematically exposes you to your trauma triggers. We will use special therapy techniques and methods like EMDR (trauma therapy model) and CBT to process your experience and challenge any negative believes you have about the past, the present and the future. EMDR is an evidence based treatment approach that integrates bi-lateral stimulation while focusing on certain aspects of your trauma. Since this approach of therapy is not appropriate for everyone, I am also integrating various other counseling methods to help you overcome your fears and disturbing memories. If you are tired of feeling out of control and want to leave your accident behind, call me and schedule a counseling appointment today. Together we will find a way to process your trauma, maybe find new meaning in it and move on.