Free Mindfulness, Relaxation and Guided Imagery

Interventions and exercises used in therapy and counseling of anxiety, depression, trauma as well as sports mental health areas are mindfulness, relaxation and guided imagery. These interventions help a person to calm the restless mind, offer moments of relief from whatever is going on and allow a targeted focus of attention. The following 2 links provide websites which offer various free auditory and visual tools to help you sleep better, decrease your anxiety levels, help you ground yourself or just give you a break from a stressful day. Try it out and feel free to leave some feedback to let me know if this was helpful. 


Relaxation downloads

The wonder drugs to treat mental and physical illness!

There are two magical remedies for mental as well as physical health problems. The problem with these remedies is they are not in pill form so patients and clients are not as motivated to try them because they include work and behavioral changes. So, whoever is able to turn these two antidotes into pills will be a very wealthy person since every doctor is going to prescribe them. The remedies I am talking about are EXERCISE and HUMOR. To start the weekend off with some laughter I decided to have Will Ferrell take the lead in this video clip.

What is the cure for exceptional suffering?

This article discusses how understanding grief and loss as a universal experience, which is inevitable, and therefore, can lead to acceptance and some type of inner peace. The author incorporates a symbolic story to show how emotional suffering is part of the human existence. Accepting of this existence and possible finding meaning in life may allow a person to move on after a tragic loss.

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Tips to help your marriage or couples therapy be fruitful.

Have you ever met with a marriage and family counselor? Were you satisfied with the outcome of therapy? This article written by an expert in the field gives simple tips on what to expect and do when seeking marriage and couples counseling. There is no quick and easy cure for whatever has caused you to seek help. It takes commitment and an honest look at oneself to strengthen the bond again and reach a more fulfilling relationship.