What does a Marriage and Family Therapist do?

More than ones I have been asked what is a MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist)? How is it different from a Psychologist and Social worker? And what does a MFT do? I believe that this YouTube clip by Eli Karam, does a great job in answering all of these questions and more. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are not only able to help couples. We are trained in various different mental health issues and equipped to see children, individuals plus families in addition to couples. When listening to clients’ concerns we integrate the family dynamics and always keep the relationship aspect in mind. 

Tips to help your marriage or couples therapy be fruitful.

Have you ever met with a marriage and family counselor? Were you satisfied with the outcome of therapy? This article written by an expert in the field gives simple tips on what to expect and do when seeking marriage and couples counseling. There is no quick and easy cure for whatever has caused you to seek help. It takes commitment and an honest look at oneself to strengthen the bond again and reach a more fulfilling relationship.