When anxiety gets the best of you … Part 2 of 2 (list of anxiety self-help skills)

So here are some things you can try the next time anxiety gets the best of you.

First and for most, when you know you get frightened easily, stop watching scary movies and the news. Nowadays the News are filled with too much detail about the cruelty on this planet. While it is nice to be up to date on the disasters and wars, sometimes not knowing is bliss and a vacation for your worried mind.

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What to do when feeling blue? 33 suggestions.

Most of us probably know those days when we somehow have trouble getting out of bed, don’t want to talk to anyone and just feel a little blue. While this is totally normal and in my opinion allows us to recognize and enjoy the happy days more, some people feel depressed more often than others. When the days of sadness increase it is often difficult to snap out of them. Easy daily tasks become chores and we start to feel more and more isolated from others.

So what can you do in order to become your old self again? While some individuals will benefit from talking to a professional, here is a list of things that can help the majority to feel better:

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